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100% American Fuel

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Total Energy Provider

From our establishment in 1946, our full-service, family-owned business still operates today with the same team values while offering quality products along with exceptional customer service. Thanks to the loyalty and trust of our customers, we continue our commitment to provide a wide array of energy products and services to residential customers that will continue to make a difference for future generations to come.

Honored to be serving our customers for over 70 years, Worley & Obetz pays value to each and every one of our team members who has supported us over the years. We have been leading the way as Central PA’s local Total Energy Provider, offering bioheating oil in 2001, propane offerings in 2002, propane autogas in 2004, and E85 ethanol in 2006. Today, we are proving our commitment to customers by providing an even cleaner fuel option such as Ultra-Bioheat® as well as offering additional energy options such as electricity and natural gas services.

One of our proudest achievements was the opportunity to provide our customers with 100% American Fuel products in 2009. Worley & Obetz felt a responsibility to our customers and local communities to help keep American dollars here in the U.S. By purchasing and using 100% American Fuels, you increase our domestic energy security and strengthen our energy independence. Whether it’s Ultra-Bioheat® for your home heat or gasoline for your car, every gallon truly makes a difference.

Worley & Obetz is passionate about providing customers with quality products and services while offering the utmost convenience with our new online features including scheduling a delivery or service online and providing 24/7 access to our Mobile Icon features. Our team, along with our continued passion for offering the best to their customers, is what will carry us through many more years to come!