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Alternative Energy Team

Alternative Energy Team

As companies grow in size and scope, senior executives find it increasingly challenging to respond, in an informed and effective manner, to issues and opportunities across their business. Each business unit became larger and more complex as their leaders had less time to share information with the leaders of other units in pursuing efficient corporate-wide strategies and solutions.

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In 2006, Ownership established a committee to address this challenge known as the Alternative Energy Team. The team was to meet monthly and was made up leadership from all the company business units and included about ten members at the time. The mission was simple: business unit leaders as well as sales and marketing team members updated each other along with top management on everything going on in their area of responsibility. This included new product and customer developments, pending legislation, grant opportunities, competition, pending professional conferences and reports, forecasts, technology and anything that they felt was important for the group to know. Discussions took place, decisions were made, assignments are given and extensive minutes were taken.

Over the years there have been changes to the team makeup which now numbers 12, but the mission is constant….bring information and discussion to help make sound decisions for the company. Occasionally, there will be suppliers, government or association staff, or other outside energy professionals updating the joint leadership on issues deemed of company-wide importance.


road show

Worley & Obetz Road Show

As our Alternative Energy Team continued to evolve, we were looking for a way to showcase how various alternative fuels can function in different equipment we use. Working closely with Lancaster Career and Technology students, we were able to accomplish this.



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We are honored to continue to sponsor the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center on their continuous focus on alternative fuels. This past school year of 2015, we had the opportunity to work with the students at LCCTC on the conversion of a new utility vehicle (UTV) to run on propane or gasoline. With the benefits and growth of propane autogas, this showcases another way propane autogas can be utilized. Worley & Obetz has been offering propane autogas since 2004 and now provide three refueling locations through our WoGo facilities in Manheim, Ephrata, and Lancaster. Learn more about propane autogas!


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From the Nationally award-winning Transportation Center at the Willow Street Campus of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center, we are honored to showcase the nation’s first BioFuel Turbo Diesel Chopper Style Motorcycle. Student technicians of the future, assisted by their instructors, have built this 1900cc BioFuel, Turbo Diesel that can run on 100% Recycled BioFuel from the ground up.


The automotive program at the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center has once again provided us with the Nation’s first custom-built biofueled go-karts. The students along with their instructor took stock go-kart bodies and custom built an engine capable of running on B100 biodiesel. These students also built which may be the first carbureted engine dedicated to flex-fuel including E85. Significant frame and other structural one-of-a-kind vehicles you see today.