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100% American Fuel

Veterans Discount

Product and Service Discounts to Thank Veterans

thank a vet logoWorley & Obetz is proud to offer 100% American Fuel, which is drilled, refined and sold exclusively in North America. We are also one of a few companies providing sustainable products such as biofuels and green electricity. We would like to share these products and services at a discount to thank Veterans for their service to our Country!

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Receive 6 cents off per gallon on the following 100% American Fuels:

  • Wo-Go & Pacific Pride Fleet Card at participating locations – apply hereVeteransDiscountGraphic
  • Propane home fuel deliveries
  • Bioheating oil home fuel deliveries
  • Kerosene
  • All grades of gasoline
  • Off-road biodiesel and on-road biodiesel (ULSD)
  • Home fuel deliveries are available for residential deliveries. All deliveries must be on an automatic schedule to receive discount.

WoGo Fuel Cards Benefits:

  • AMERIgreen 100% American fuel and all grades of gasoline
  • AMERIgreen BioDiesel and ethanol
  • Easy access to sites, including tractor-trailer access
  • Automatic Car Wash at selected locations
  • Click here to apply now!

PacPride Fuel Cards Benefits: 

  • AMERIgreen 100% American fuels, including all grades of diesel and gasoline
  • AMERIgreen biodiesel and ethanol fuel at Worley & Obetz owned locations
  • No cost for cards, additional or hidden fees, or minimum use fees
  • Cards provide 24/7 access to pumps
  • Click here to apply now!

Click here for more info on fuel cards and locations!



The program is available to those who have served in our Armed Forces, as well as those who wear the uniform and defend our country today. Verification in the form of a Thank a Vet Card, honorable discharge papers or a current Military ID is required to begin in the discount program. All accounts are given based upon credit approval and must sign on as an automatic or scheduled customer for all deliveries. Additional restrictions may apply, see official Terms & Conditions.