Fuel Cards

Fleet Fuel Cards

Worley & Obetz offers great fuel card options for your business that allow you to save money, control spending and enjoy the convenience of our numerous fueling stations. We have Pacific Pride fuel credit cards that can be used at over 1,200 locations, 24 hours per day, and our Wo-Go commercial fuel card can be used at any of the four Lancaster locations for AMERIgreen fuel. We even offer personal gas cards.

Fuel Management

We want to help you manage your company’s fleet fuel expenses. Our fleet gas cards can track fuel expenses and monitor them by vehicle and driver. Fleet fuel cards also provide many advantages for your business like security, fraud protection, and discounts, so sign up for a fuel credit card and start saving today!

Why use a fuel card program for your fleet?

Depending on the size of your fleet, an on-site fuel island may be too costly, not to mention the liability, and depending on the hours your fleet is in operation, on-site fleet fueling may not be able to fuel all of the vehicles in your fleet at one time. Therefore, our fleet card program is the perfect fit. With quick and easy 24 hours, 7-day access to the fuels you need, you can keep your drivers on the road. With our Wo-Go or Pacific Pride programs, there is no minimum use requirements or monthly fees, no cost for additional fuel cards and you can manage your costs through customized monthly reporting.


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How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Credit Card Skimming

It is convenient to pay by credit or debit card at the gas station, but without realizing it you may be giving thieves exactly what they need to steal from you! Credit card skimming attacks have been on the rise nationwide with criminals targeting gas stations, ATMs, and vending machines. Learn how you can avoid becoming a victim of credit card skimming!

A typical credit card skimmer is a small device that fits over the existing card reader at a gas pump, ATM, or vending machine.

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