On-Site Fleet Fueling

On-Site Fleet Fueling Service

Also known as wet hosing, on-site fleet fueling is not only cost-effective, this service provides a piece of mind so that your team can place more effort on the success of your business.

Receive custom fuel reports to make fuel management hassle free while having your fuel usage and expenses for each vehicle right at your fingertips! Our team will partner with you to not only make your daily fuel challenges into something profitable but help your business succeed.

How Does Fleet Fueling Work?

Our system tracks the date, time, truck number and gallons dispensed in each truck. This enables us to email you a detailed report on all your vehicles each day after we fill your fleet.

Our fleet fueling truck comes to your location after hours to refuel your fleet. The Worley & Obetz driver selects your fuel type, and at each vehicle scans the vehicle identifier. Vehicle identification prevents dispensing the wrong fuel in the vehicle and ensures all vehicles in the fleet are checked, even those that are already full. With safety features in place, the scan will beep to open the valves in the truck so the driver can fill the tank. The scan can also quickly shut off the valves in an emergency. The driver repeats the process until the entire fleet is filled.

Start saving on fleet expenses across eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New York with Worley & Obetz fleet fueling services – it’s a mobile gas station!

How On-Site Fleet Fueling Will Benefit Your Company:


  • Saves your company time and money
  • Increases production time of employees – eliminates lengthy stops at fuel stations and reduces work for in-house operations staff
  • Increases bottom line profits
  • Detailed billing and reports
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible availability to meet your schedule
  • Products available: Gasoline, On-road Diesel, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in 2.5-gallon jugs, bulk totes, and mobile fueling now available

Calculate Your Savings

Complete the following to estimate how much money your business could save if it used Worley & Obetz Fueling.

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