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Delivery Programs & Payment Options

Convenient Delivery and Payment Options for all Your Home Heat Needs

We provide a variety of delivery programs and payment options designed to give you worry-free service and payment choices. Offering such delivery programs including Automatic, Scheduled and Will Call deliveries, allows you to customize an account to fit your needs or lifestyle. Our Budget Program and Price Protection Plan make heating your home more affordable.

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Please review the following options to find the solution that works best for you.

Automatic Delivery

Many families are on the go and too busy to worry about when they need fuel or propane. Let us handle the responsibility of keeping your tank full, so you don’t have to – it’s what we do best! Our computer system calculates your usage and degree days to ensure you never run out of fuel.

Will Call

You monitor your fuel and contact us when you need a delivery. If you place your order before 12:00 noon, you will receive delivery within 36 business hours. If you place your order for delivery after 12:00 noon, you will receive your delivery within 48 business hours.

Scheduled Delivery

A consistent delivery schedule based on your usage patterns in conjunction with calendar days. Many utilize scheduled deliveries for supplemental heating or desired delivery dates requested. Speak with our team to find out if our scheduled delivery program is the right fit for you.


Budget Program

Worley & Obetz offers a worry-free budget plan! By joining our budget program, our customers can spread their annual energy costs into a 12-month period for a predictable and manageable monthly payment. The budget is offered to help protect your wallet and also manage your energy costs throughout the year. Our budget plan is calculated by using your yearly fuel usage and an estimated price per gallon to create your monthly budget payment.

Our Price Protection Plan Offers Peace of Mind

Our Price Protection Plan, also known as a CAP Program, takes the risk out of the volatile market conditions we experience today. This type of plan gives you peace of mind knowing you will always get the best rate on your propane or ultra-bioheat® purchases with Worley & Obetz.

How does a Price Protection Plan work?                                                                                                      A Price Protection Plan offers you the opportunity to CAP a propane or ultra-bioheat® rate for the heating season. Meaning, should the posted price rise above your capped rate, you will only pay the price protection plan rate per gallon. However, if the posted price is lower at the time of your delivery, you will always receive the lower price per gallon. Think of it like an insurance program on your home heating costs.

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Payment Options

Payment Options

With the busy lives we live today, Worley & Obetz makes it convenient to pay for our products and services. Please sign into your online account to view additional convenient payment options under “Manage My Account.”


  • Credit Card/Debit card payments
  • Pay by check or money order
  • Visit our office to pay in person
  • ACH and EFT options

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