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Worley & Obetz
Provides Kerosene for Heating

Kerosene is considered a specialty product and it is a more heavily-refined product than No. 2 home heating oil. Therefore, it burns cleaner and more efficiently. Mobile homes, as well as homes with outside tanks, benefit the most from the use of kerosene in colder climates because kerosene continues to flow smoothly at a much lower temperature than fuel oil.

When fuel oil is untreated for outside conditions, it may gel with very low temperatures. This could cause the furnace to shut off. Mobile homes and outside tanks are highly susceptible to gelling of fuel oil at very low temperatures due to the fact that the tanks and lines are often outside and exposed to colder weather conditions.

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Kerosene Fuel Delivery

Do you use kerosene for your home heating? Worley & Obetz has been delivering kerosene to homes and businesses throughout the area for 70 years and can keep you supplied on our automatic delivery schedule to ensure you are kept comfortable through the winter. Serving Chester, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and parts of Berks County.

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