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A Game Changer in Home Heating Oil!

Biofuel is becoming quite an attractive alternative for traditional fuel. We made the commitment to bioheating oil in 2001 and have now transitioned all of our bioheating oil to Ultra-Bioheat®. This ultra-low sulfur heating oil blended with biodiesel is the best heating oil option available today!

Ultra-Bioheat® is an affordable, clean-burning and domestic choice for our home heating oil customers. The renewable biodiesel that is used in the blend is a sustainable fuel that is produced from soybeans grown primarily in the United States. So much so that ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) produced from plants and food byproducts has been found to reduce sulfur content in the fuel almost completely.

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Green Energy Advantages

Ultra-Bioheat® is an affordable fuel option that burns cleaner than natural gas! Bioheating fuel keeps our communities healthier, too, by reducing emissions and thereby improving local air quality.

Bio oil fuel burns clean, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Not only does it outperform conventional heating oil that is composed only of petroleum fuels, but it increases the longevity, performance, and overall health of a home’s heating system, which cuts down on maintenance and results in cost savings over time.

Because it burns more efficiently, Ultra-Bioheat® dissolves sludge that has built up over months and years in the tanks of systems that have been using conventional oil. Tests have shown that filters in systems using only petroleum oil become heavily clogged in only a year. By contrast, a filter in a system that used at least a blend of B2 bioheating oil in their heating system for a year remained far less clogged and was relatively clean.

Two other striking advantages to Ultra-Bioheat® are the facts that it is nontoxic and biodegradable. Unlike some other fuels, the oil is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar.

In a world where the impact had on the planet is being closely watched, the ability to live up to environmentally friendly standards is a hallmark of good fuels.

Why Switch to Ultra-Bioheat® Oil

Those Americans who are switching to domestically produced bioheating oil for their homes are finding that it makes sense environmentally and financially. Not only does it cost the same as conventional heating oil, but it burns more cleanly and protects the environment.

As a result, at a time when cutting emissions and reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil are of paramount importance, Ultra-Bioheat® is becoming a better choice for many homeowners who are finding that the use of ultra-low sulfur heating oil blended with biodiesel saves them money in the long run.

In addition, not only does biofuel reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, thereby displacing the country’s need for foreign oil imports and helping America to win its energy independence, but it also creates jobs here at home and keeps our energy dollars at home to boost our local economies.

Ultra-Bioheat® can be used as an alternative fuel oil in conventional oil heaters. There is no need to modify an existing system when using blends up to B20, which is a mix of 20 percent biodiesel fuel and 80 percent petroleum heating oil. Simply switch to Ultra-Bioheat® and you are good to go.

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Why Worley & Obetz?

Worley & Obetz has always been on the leading edge of bioheating oil, which is why we are a leader among full-service bioheat fuel dealers, and why we are the first local company to offer Ultra-Bioheat®. Serving Chester, Dauphin, Lancaster, and parts of Lebanon and Berks County, Worley & Obetz is the neighboring bioheat supplier you should choose. Contact us today and get Ultra-Bioheat® oil delivered to your home now!

We are also one of a few companies that operate completely in America. From drilling the oil to refining it, it’s all done here. The fuel, therefore, is completely American from start to finish, and 100% American fuel keeps our dollars benefiting our economy.

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What is 100% American Fuel?

America’s dependence on oil is one of the most serious threats that our nation faces. Our commitment to 100% American Fuels is to provide every penny of our fuel dollars to benefit the American economy and American jobs. We focus on increasing our energy security and energy freedom as well as reducing our dependency on foreign oil.

This is done through an audit trail verification. Petroleum is a fungible product. Nearly all petroleum is commingled in common pipelines and stored in common tanks. To manage the purchase of petroleum products, refined from North America crude oil, we employ a verification and audit process. This affirms that the consumer’s payment ultimately is made to a pipeline or marketer providing petroleum refined from North American crude oil, or a company refining North American Crude oil.

What is Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil?

It is a heating oil fuel option with substantially lowered sulfur content (similar to ULSD shift in 2006 for diesel vehicles). As an example, ASTM #2 Fuel Oil with a very high sulfur content has sulfur in the range of 5,780 ppm (parts per million); low sulfur heating oil measures around 322 ppm; and a ULSHO can have around 15 ppm sulfur content. *Amerigreen Energy

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