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Log Set

Log Sets & Room Heaters

Worley & Obetz provides propane and natural gas log sets, both vented and vent free models are available. All models include a remote control thermostat for easy control. Best of all is that the burners and log sets are all made right here in the USA!

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All heaters are available for propane and natural gas use to help provide the home comfort you are looking for. Heaters are a great, additional heating solution to add warmth to an area in your home to better provide the comfort you deserve. Whether you are looking for additional warmth in your basement, garage, sunroom, etc. our team can help find the best heater to fit your needs. Take the time to find out what heater works best for you and we can provide the information you need. Request a Free Estimate today!

Vent Free Room Heaters

A vent-free room heater is usually used as an additional heat source for various applications.

This cost-effective, supplementary heating source is 99.9% efficient by warming the existing air in the room. All heaters are safe to operate with auto shut-off safety controls and provide a 5-year limited time warranty on parts and labor. We provide vent-free room heaters for various room sizes that include 6,000 to 30,000 BTU/HR options.

Direct Vent Wall Heaters

With a direct-vent wall heater, there is a positive difference in fuel economy due to the fact that the outside air is used to support combustion. The air on the inside is warmed as it re-circulates around a sealed chamber. This warm air heats the room cleanly and efficiently.

We provide direct vent wall heaters for various room sizes that include 20,000 to 55,000 BTU/HR models.

Vented Wall Furnace

A vented wall furnace delivers smart, energy efficient and consistent warm air to any area without the use of ductwork. This unit mounts on an outside wall and occupies minimal room space. Both wall and built-in thermostats are available and require no electricity. We provide vented wall furnaces for various applications that include 25,000 to 50,000 BTU/HR models. This type of system is available at the fraction of the cost of electric heat and is made right here in the U.S.A.

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Cast Iron Heaters

A cast iron heater will generate sufficient heat to warm any room in your home. We provide

Empire brand cast iron heaters that offers two types of ignition – Millivolt (MV) and Intermittent Pilot (IP). The Millivolt system lights a standing pilot with a pushbutton piezo ignitor. Once the standing pilot is lit, this system operates with an on/off switch concealed on the back of the burner or with an optional remote control system available. The standing pilot allows the Empire stove to provide heat during power outages.

IP systems eliminate the standing pilot for greater energy savings. Pressing the on/off switch ignites the pilot, which then ignites the main burner. IP systems can also operate with an optional remote control system and includes an AC adapter with battery backup. Due to the continuous pilot switch, this allows the Empire stove to provide heat during extended power outages.

Empire CastIron VF

Empire CastIron DV