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Natural Gas Conversion

Converting My Home to Natural Gas

Natural gas is an odorless, colorless fuel used for home heating, cooking, and household appliances. Many homeowners wonder whether or not it’s more beneficial for the environment, their finances and their personal preferences to heat their home. If you are currently using electricity, heating oil or propane to heat your home and have considered converting to natural gas, our team can help you through the process.

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The Natural Gas Conversion Process

Our team at Worley & Obetz is here to guide you through the entire natural gas conversion process. We can answer your questions and help make the switch to natural gas as easy as possible. Once you are heating with natural gas, our team can even help you save by locking you into a great natural gas rate that will offer price predictability to help you budget your energy costs.

Installation of Natural Gas Equipment

Before you look into converting to natural gas and equipment costs, it is important to first check for gas availability in your area. Once natural gas availability has been determined, you are ready to contact a team of professionals to complete your conversion to natural gas. Our team of qualified technicians will install quality equipment and connect all components to the gas meter. Allow one of our Equipment Consultants to provide an estimated cost with a FREE in-home consultation today.

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Natural Gas Conversion Benefits

Save Money – By switching your home heating system from a traditional source such as coal, oil, or propane, you can save some serious cash. If you were previously using one of these popular heating systems, you can expect to save up to 55% per year on your heating bills. Now that is something to get excited about! When switching to natural gas can save you over half of your bill, it just makes sense to make the switch! And at Worley & Obetz we’re ready to help you make the switch today – just give us a call!

Smaller Carbon Footprint – By using a natural gas heating or cooking unit in your home, you can effectively reduce the size of your carbon footprint without having to do any extra work! It’s true, switching to natural gas cuts the amount of pollution you contribute to the atmosphere so that your efforts can help to clean up our breathing air for better everyday living in and outside your own home.

Natural Gas Conservation FAQs – Click on a question listed below to view the answer

How much will it cost to switch to natural gas?

The price of each installation can vary greatly depending upon the type and efficiency level of equipment and other factors unique to each home. Speak to a professional or contact one of our equipment consultants to evaluate the options and pricing available to you for your home.

If I switch suppliers for natural gas, who will respond in case of an emergency?

Regardless if you stay with your local natural gas utility or switch to another company for your gas rates, your local utility will continue to respond to your natural gas safety concerns and provide the same service that they always have. However, if there are any concerns with your natural gas equipment, you should reach out to your professional HVAC company.

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