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Visit Molly’s Convenience Store for Great Food and 100% American Fuel

Since its inception in 1997, Molly’s Convenience Store and gas station have brought value and satisfaction to its patrons. Molly’s, located in Manheim, Lancaster County, is the spot to visit whether you need to fuel your vehicle, wash your car, grab a soda, or take a seat and enjoy a lunch break. Offering All Day Breakfast from 5:30am-8pm and made-to-order sandwiches from 5:30am-11pm!

As a family owned store that is operated by Worley & Obetz, Molly’s understands the power of buying local. Come visit Molly’s and experience the difference of Molly’s Convenience Store!

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Now Offering Veterans Discount Program!

As we celebrate our freedom every Independence Day, our freedom should be honored and celebrated all year long. As a participant in the Thank A Vet Program, Molly’s is one of the only local convenience stores that are providing a discount to all Veterans and active duty military on store purchases. Offering a 6% discount is our way to say “thank you” while recognizing the service and sacrifices made by our military.

Learn more about Molly’s Veterans Discount Program!

Delicious Home-Cooked Foods

We take pride in our large, daily selection of delicious, home-cooked foods. We offer both hot and cold options, including a variety of salads to good old-fashioned comfort food. Take in the smells of chicken, pork loin or beef rounds cooking on the rotisserie. Choose an amazing cheesesteak or a wonderfully light turkey BLT wrap from our made-to-order deli options. Molly’s also features all the typical convenience store staple items, plus a large drink selection.

Customer Service & Community Involvement

Commitment to customer service and community involvement is extremely important. We employ local students and work around their often hectic school and sports schedules to offer a great place to work. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience every time you visit because we’d love to see you back. Stop by soon.

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Molly’s Daily Lunch Menu

Molly’s Convenience Store provides a daily lunch menu and specials every day, Monday-Friday! Our kitchen is open 5:30am-11:00pm for made to order subs and sandwiches! Stay tuned to our daily menu and specials on our Facebook page or sign up for our daily lunch menu to be emailed to you daily!

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Join Our Team

At Molly’s, we are continually searching for passionate people, who have the potential for outstanding performance, to join our team. We look for team players with exceptional talent who will work toward our company goals including superior customer satisfaction. We work hard to effectively reach our goals while having fun at the same time. Now Hiring:

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100% American Fuels

All Fuel is 100% American

In addition to great food, Molly’s is the destination for AMERIgreen 100% American fuel, biodiesel, E85 biofuels, traditional petroleum, and diesel fuels. Our commitment to 100% American Fuels is to provide every penny of our fuel dollars to benefit the American economy and American jobs. We focus on increasing our energy security and freedom as well as reducing our dependency on foreign oil. Learn more about how 100% American Fuels is making a difference!

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Electric Charging Station 

For drivers who want to replace filling up with plugging in, Molly’s offers two free electric power stations for electric vehicles!  An Electric Vehicle Level 2 charging station or EV2, supplies 240V much like what an electric dryer or oven uses. Using a Level 2 charger, an all-electric or hybrid vehicle can recharge in two to four hours. The main purpose of this particular electric charging station is to allow customers to plug in for 20 minutes or so to “top off” a charge.

Charge your electric vehicle while grabbing a bite to eat from our daily made-to-order sandwiches and more!

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The state of Pennsylvania requires all on-road diesel to include a minimum of a 2% blend of biodiesel. Worley & Obetz provides a 5% blend that meets the diesel fuel standard ASTM D975 at all of their fueling locations.

All on-road diesel provided at Molly’s is an Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel that consists of 15ppm or less of sulfur. Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) is diesel that contains substantially lowered sulfur content. ULSD is a cleaner diesel that offers improved air quality due to the reduction of the sulfur. Obtain a WoGo fuel card today to have 24/7 access to various fuels and locations throughout Lancaster County.


Propane Autogas

Propane autogas is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which is an alternative fuel. Propane autogas has substantial emissions reductions compared to gasoline and diesel, is affordable, and has a high energy density. Perhaps the best feature of all is that it is American-made.

Propane autogas can run in OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or in converted vehicles.The upfront costs to convert fleet vehicles to propane can be offset by lower operating and maintenance costs over the lifespan of the vehicle. Learn more about propane autogas!