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Extended Home Comfort

Extended Home Comfort Plan

An ideal plan for comprehensive coverage for the home’s oil-fired, natural gas or propane heating system.

Comprehensive Home Heating System Coverage

Protect your home today with an Extended Home Comfort Plan from Worley & Obetz. The Extended Home Comfort Plan covers your oil, or natural gas and propane specific heating system for both parts and any labor. This plan provides free 24-hour emergency service on covered parts.

Additional Plans can be coupled with your Extended Plan to provide protection for every corner of your home.

Details and parts for both the Oil-Fired and Natural Gas & Propane Comfort Plans are included below.

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The Oil-Fired Extended Home Comfort Plan
This plan covers everything in the Basic Plan plus:
Blower bearings Extrol tank Proving switch
Blower complete Mixing valve Thermistors
Blower motor (up to ½ HP) Filltrol tank & valve Thermocouple
Blower pulley Flow valve Transformer
Blower shaft Gate valves Fuel tank gauge
Blower wheel Gauge glass Fuel tank whistle
Fan control Gauge glass assembly Barometric damper
Auto air vents Low water cut-off & float Draft regulator
Automatic water feed Pressure/Temp. gauge Flue pipe assembly
Bearing assembly Limit control Delayed oil valve & coil
Boiler valves Purge valve Draft inducers
Aquastat Relief valve Gas valve
Triple aquastat Zone valves complete Hot surface igniter
Circulator complete Zone valve motor Piezo igniter
Circulator coupling Zone valve relay Pilot assembly
Circulator wicking Zone valve stem Spark module
Circulator switch Flame rod Reverse aquastat
Expansion tank Flame sensor Pressure switches

The Natural Gas & Propane Extended Home Comfort Plan
This plan covers these parts for repair or replacement:
Controls Burner Replacement Parts Hot Water & Steam Systems
Aquastat Burner assembly Auto air vents
Circuit board Draft inducer Automatic water feeder
Circulator control Gas valve Bearing assembly
Combination control Hot surface ignitor Boiler valves
Emergency switch Line voltage wiring (exposed) Check valves
Flame rod Low voltage wiring (exposed) Circulator complete
Flame sensor Piezo ignitor Circulator coupling, wwitch and wicking
High & Low limit controls Pilot assembly Expansion tank
Pressure to switches Spark module Extrol tank
Pressuretrol Feed tank
Proving switch Fuel Supply Parts Filtrol tank and valve
Reverse Aquastat Flare fittings Flow valve
Safety limit Flue pipe Gate valve
Temperature gauge Gauge glass and assembly
Thermostat (manual and standard) Warm Air Systems Low water cut-off and float
Thermistors Air filter (standard) Pressure/Temperature gauge
Thermocouple Blower complete, bearings, belt, pulley, shaft, wheel and motor (up to 1/2 HP) Purge and Relief valve
Transformer Fan control Zone valves complete
Triple Aquastat Limit control Zone valve, motor, relay and stem