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Total Home Comfort

Total Home Comfort Plan – Worry-free Home for Busy Families

The Total Home Comfort Plan (TM) is the ultimate protection coverage for your home systems and provides 24-hour service for repair and replacement of components within your home.


Customized Comprehensive Home Coverage

We will come do an initial assessment of your home and then customize a plan for covering all the items in your home. We’ll develop a comprehensive, affordable monthly fee plan for your coverage. It can include repair and replacement for components of your heating, electrical, and plumbing system, with option of adding AC, water softener, and sump pump coverage within your home.

The Total Home Comfort Plan offers total home care peace of mind. For most families, their home is their biggest financial investment – protect yours today with a Home Comfort Plan from Worley & Obetz, the trusted local energy experts.                                                                                              Brochure

Family and Their House

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Total Home Comfort Plan
This plan covers everything in the Basic & Extended Plan plus:
Replacement of furnace, boiler or heat pump Thermostats
Supply & return ducts Breaker panel
Wires connecting components Receptacles
Hydronic heating lines Light switches
Inside plumbing lines from water supply point to septic outlet,
including sinks, toilets and showers
Hot water heater
Sewer line clogs (within 50ft of accessible ground level cleanout) Radiators & baseboard
 Replacement of central air conditioning system  Condensing unit
 Supply & Return ducts  Air handler
 Thermostats  Lines & drains