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Importance of Maintenance

While there are certain steps that you should take to maintain your Heating and Cooling system, such as changing or cleaning the filters regularly, it is important to have a certified HVAC professional complete a routine system tune-up. A certified professional can troubleshoot potential problems while performing the essential checks and maintenance activities. Our technicians follow a detailed checklist of activities pertaining to the equipment that they are working, to make sure that it is cleaned and inspected thoroughly. We have a small sampling listed below of the typical system items that we check.

ServTech-Maintenance-2 ac tune up


When was the last time you had a tune-up on your heating or cooling system?

If you have not had a tune-up on your heating or cooling system in the past year, you really should consider it. This is not only important to keep your system running at peak performance to ensure your family’s comfort, it also extends the life of the equipment.

Some manufacturers warranties can require routine maintenance to be performed, this does not necessarily mean it is required or the warranty would be voided. However, this is something you should consider.


Our team of qualified technicians can perform a tune-up on your heating and cooling equipment including:

  • Gas or Oil Fired Hydronic/Steam Boiler
  • Gas or Oil Fired Water Heater Tune-Up
  • Natural Gas/Propane Furnace Tune-Up
  • Heat Pump
  • Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Propane/Natural Gas Tune-Up

  1. Clean burner tubes
  2. Check all pressure switches
  3. Clean/check condensate traps/pumps
  4. Clean/check chimney base/venting
  5. Clean and/or replace the air filter
  6. Clean/check blower motor and fan
  7. Clean flue passages
  8. Check combustion efficiency and CO readings

Oil Fired Furnace/Boiler Tune-Up

  1. Clean nozzle assembly and change nozzle
  2. Replace oil filter
  3. Replace pump strainer/gasket
  4. Clean burner housing/burner fan/burner coupling
  5. Clean air bands
  6. Inspect and test transformer
  7. Check retention head for cracks and clean retention head
  8. Check combustion efficiency and CO readings

A/C or Heat Pump Tune-Up

  1. Check compressor
  2. Clean and Inspect condenser/evaporator coil
  3. Check capacitor/contractors
  4. Check and clean condensate system
  5. Check refrigerant charge
  6. Clean and/or replace the air filter
  7. Check blower operation
  8. Check thermostat